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StructureBot PBC boldly offers high-accuracy custom 3D construction systems that not only print cementitious materials, but also perform other on-site tasks. StructureBot can customize printers for a build volume of a small cottage to a glamorous home.

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StructureBot’s printers
- conduct precise millimeter movements across vast spans of workspace
- unlock design freedom  
- enable autonomous construction
- fast delivery
- low operational costs.

StructureBot’s portable lightweight gantry system enables the operator to 3D print homes, retaining walls, bridges, water tanks, pipes, architectural items and even furniture.


Printing L-shaped wall section

Our process

How we improve builder productivity.

Parametric Design

Our building designs can be quickly customized to fit customer needs.

Advanced Materials

Utilizing advanced 3D Printable Concrete, structures are resistant to fire, mold, and natural disasters.

Robotics as a Service

We can improve productivity by training your team to operate the building system or we can operate it for you.

Rendering of the
Design for Studio1


Colorado Springs-based, StructureBot PBC innovates in the integration of software and hardware development, robotics, mechanical engineering, and advanced building materials.  Our vision is to bring these capabilities to market worldwide. Whether you’re a home builder, developer, manufacturer, contractor, etc., we want to provide you with the capability to print objects at a large scale.

The swirling staircase

Beautiful design now possible, and now practical with construction 3D printing.

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