A Part of the Solution for Affordable Housing

Studio1 is StructureBot's original design for attainable housing, specifically designed to be 3D Printed.

Reeding House

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Project details.


StructureBot has worked in collaboration with Echo Architects, to design a net-zero accessory dwelling unit (ADU) specifically to be 3D Printed for attainable housing.

Designed as an ADU

An ADU is an accessory building in addition to the main residence that can be used as a rental property. The design features passive solar heating, taking advantage of the high thermal mass of the concrete. The overhanging roof is designed to shade the building in the summer and allow greater capture of the sun in winter. The design is parametric, meaning that it's size can be customized to expand to fit any backyard space. The design is also made with universal design principles in mind, accommodating wheelchair accessibility, multifunctional areas and conservation of space.  

Smart Design

Systems design plays a big part in the concept of Studio1. In addition to many standard smart home features, the shades on the windows of Studio1 are a key part of keeping the home warm and the thermal mass charged. They are controlled by a smart home system that regulates the interior temperature. It lowers the blinds when the house is receiving too much sun and can even open vent windows to release excess heat.

Extra thought has gone into making the home a low maintenance house. The concrete exterior walls and roof require very little maintenance. The floors have been designed so that they can be easily cleaned by a single Roomba vacuum robot. It even includes a small cubby to house the Roomba while charging.

Net Zero

Designing for a small space requires careful planning and sizing of the heating and cooling system. Strudio1 utilizes a mini-split heater air conditioner which offers the best energy performance at a very reasonable price. Given the tight building envelope that comes standard with 3D Printed walls, special attention is paid to the sealing around windows and doors to give the home an unsurpassed ability to retain heat.

The home comes ready for solar panels to further reduce the building energy footprint.