Introducing StructureBot

Reeding House

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We're Cam McRoberts and Jim Scott.  

After 5+ years of research and development, we're excited to introduce our company, StructureBot! StructureBot is a purpose driven social impact company focused on making housing much more affordable. With our large scale 3D construction printers and our advanced cementitious materials we enable builders to rapidly produce housing and other structures at significantly lower cost.

We believe the advent of concrete 3D Printing will accelerate the adoption of automation in the construction industry. As we've already seen with the many industries, automation via robotics is a game changer. As robotics technologies become more accessible and applicable outside the factory line, we'll see levels of productivity in construction that are staggering. And that's a good thing because we're way behind in providing adequate housing around the world. We need everyone working together to solve this challenge.

Our Studio1 ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) design was created to help the Colorado housing market address our need for more attainable housing. Every StructureBot Printer we sell will contain the plans to build attainable housing included. Since this is our mission, we want to lower the barriers to building so that everyone can join in and make an impact. We'll task our engineers to work out the technical details, so that our customers can focus on making projects happen.