Cam McRoberts


From enterprise level systems to startups, Cameron has been developing new products and ideas for over 18 years. He has led the development of software projects in the Plastics Industry, Renewable Energy, the Construction Industry and most recently, Government Agencies and Non-Profits.  Practicing since the first internet boom, Cameron has hands-on experience with how software enables new possibilities. Staying ahead of technology’s frequent changes is Cam’s sixth sense.

Cam has been involved in 3D Printing for over 10 years.  Cam has been developing new printer designs, hardware and firmware to meet challenges in the development of 3D Concrete Printing.  First on conventional 3D printer sizes and then in the development of large format 3D printers.  That's when the vision for StructureBot was born.  Now, StructureBot has two full size printer designs with many patent-pending features.